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Herdoo’s Hand painted Brush – Marlee the Shoe Collector

Herdoo’s Hand painted Brush – Marlee the Shoe Collector
Item #: DiamondsandGifts107324

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Treat Someone Special to this terrific Gift...a Herdoo's, 3D Hand painted Brush...Collect them All!

"You can't have too many friends or too many shoes," says Marlee. She knows that nothing lifts your spirits like finding that perfect pair -- unless, of course, they're on sale!"

Item Information:

PLEASE NOTE: Your Brush will come with a Gift Bag. Also each brush is hand painted, so there may be slight variations in color

•The handle is purple, the brush is approx. 8.5", with the brush head being approx. 4.5" x 2.5"

•Individually Hand Painted

•Material = poly-acrylic resin

•Brush Type = cushion with coated bristle ends