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#9 September – The Traditional Birthstone is Blue Sapphire

#9 September – The Traditional Birthstone is Blue Sapphire
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Blue Sapphire…the color blue holds an endless fascination. From the high dome of the sky to the oceans that cover two-thirds of the globe’s surface, blue literally surrounds us. Seen from space, Earth is revealed as a shimmering blue planet. It’s little wonder then, that the breathtaking blue of Sapphire has captured man’s imagination from the beginning. Ranging from the deepest midnight to brilliant cornflower blue, sapphires have long been prized for their intense, velvety color.

The ancients believed that Blue Sapphire – holding in its depths the power of sea and sky – had influence over the spirit world as well; among its reputed powers was the ability to make peace between warring parties. The calming influence of blue has also made it an enduring symbol for loyalty and trust – one reason that women around the world choose Sapphire for their engagement rings.

Flattering to all skin tones, Blue Sapphire is truly a color for all seasons.

Blue Sapphire Care – Sapphires are rated “excellent” for everyday wear. Avoid exposure to heat and contact with chemicals. To clean, gently scrub with a soft toothbrush and a solution of mild dish soap and warm water.

Jewelry Description:

This Antique Style Genuine Sapphire and Diamond Anniversary Band is stunning…sixty six (66) glimmering Sapphires and Diamonds adorn the 14k White Gold setting.

The ring size is a 7, with an average weight of 8.2 grams.

Genuine Sapphire & Diamond Specifications:

8 - 0.098 Ct -- 4.0x2.0 MM Marquise Gemstone Sapphire – medium to dark navy – slightly included, good brilliance – heat treated

26 - 0.007 Ct -- 1.12 MM SI1-SI2 / H-I (near colorless) Round Diamond

32 - 0.005 Ct -- 1.00 MM SI1-SI2 / H-I (near colorless) Round Diamond