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Gemstone Information, Birthstone Guide and Gifts

Gemstone Gift Giving Guide, Birthstone Information, and Gemstone History...

Each Gemstone has its own story to tell…below you will find a list of the Birthstones for each month of the year. Each month then has its own page for you to view that better describes the Gemstone, the care of the Gemstone, and a bit of history for Nature’s Fabulous Creations.

Along with the Gemstone History, you will find Gemstone Jewelry for each Birthstone Month. Allowing you to make a statement with beautiful, colorful, Gemstone Jewelry…truly a reflection of who you are.

Select from spectacular Gemstone Rings, or lovely Gemstone Pendants, or perhaps dainty Gemstone Earrings…treat yourself (or) someone special today!

Traditional Genuine Birthstones (See Jewelry Gift Ideas below)

•January / Garnet Gemstone

•February / Amethyst Gemstone

•March / Aquamarine, Bloodstone Gemstone

•April / Diamond Gemstone

•May / Emerald Gemstone

•June / Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite Gemstone

•July / Ruby Gemstone

•August / Peridot, Sardonyx Gemstone

•September / Sapphire Gemstone

•October / Opal Gemstone

•November / Citrine, Topaz Gemstone

•December / Turquoise, Blue Zircon, Tanzanite Gemstone