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Kelly Waters Men's Money Clips

Affordable Men's Gift Ideas for any Occasion!

Each Money Clip by Kelly Waters is either finished in 24k gold overlay, or finished with Rhodium for a tarnish free wear.

The process for 24k gold overlay begins with a non-corrosive metal such as brass, pewter or stainless steel. It is then permanently bonded with a layer of 24K gold no less than 20 micro-inches (mils) thick. Thatís 200% more gold than the FTC requires for gold plated jewelry.

Kelly Waters Rhodium Finish starts with a non-corrosive metal to which rhodium is bonded. Rhodium, a member of the platinum family, is extremely durable and will never turn or tarnish.

The Kelly Waters Brand comes with a Lifetime Guarantee that the finish will last for a lifetime...a warranty card is included with your purchase, as well as an elegant gift box too.